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"I have been a patient of Dr.'s Mower, Michael and Stephanie, since they made what was certainly a long and difficult decision to move to Boise. I had only been a patient of Dr. Northness (the founder of what is now Cole Dental) briefly, as I began seeing him when my dentist of 20+ years decided to retire. It is an unexpectedly challenging event when one is faced with replacing the trusted relationship that is gained from decades of forging out the balance between expectations and results between a highly trained professional and patient. Like many people, I hope to find the rare medical or dental professional that embodies qualities that exceed standards within the professions in which they are trained, but also rise above their peers in terms of honesty, sincerity, and personal motivation to pursue their chosen careers. By way of my routine and procedural experiences, I have found both Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Michael Mower to be highly skilled and very capable in every aspect of dental care. They both have intuitively addressed my needs beyond the practical application of dentistry, anticipating pain management and practical treatment planning. Beyond that, they embody a strong commitment to both family, and as well to extending their professional skills to the global community on a volunteer basis. ALL of their staff members are consistently pleasant and highly professional, and serve as a direct extension of the warm and welcoming practice I look forward to working with hopefully well into the future." Debi C.
"Cole teeth and I love this place! There is not one person in this office who is not welcoming, fun, and most of all very caring. They each do their jobs very well. Dr. Stephanie recently took my 94 year old mother through the process of getting dentures. She did such a good job, and took great care of my mom. So if you're looking for a new dentist, please come check out Cole Dental!" Dee Dee M.
"I was one of Dr. Stephanie's first patients when the dental office changed hands. I was obviously in the best care! I had the unfortunate experience of a crown coming off. At that time Dr. Northness was finishing up before his retirement. I had to go to an oral surgeon because part of the tooth had come off with the crown. Following the extraction, I was now going to be under the dental care of Dr. Stephanie. I was in excellent care! I had to have a root canal as well as a new crown! I was very fortunate because she kept any pain at a complete minimum and made sure my crown was a perfect fit! This was the best experience ever! She even called me at home to make sure that I was doing all right! This was a first. I had never in all my years in a dentist's chair received a call from a dentist to check on how I was after any dental procedure! She really cares about all her patients!" Kathy H.
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